Monday, 30 January 2017

Mother Earth

The Earth birthed me with
The soft white snow
Of an angel
I fluttered gently to her
Beneath a wintry sky

I used to laugh
Laugh like a twirling snowflake
And sleep to the lullaby
Of her swaying pine trees
She laid me to sleep
On her bed of soft tundra
She always cushioned
The child of my past

But I
Was blinded by a white mist
Of naive devotion

And I began to fall
From the gravity of her

She muddied
My white wings
Because I refused
To become an extension
Of her frozen lakes

Her skies enraged
With storms
That dragged me
Into her molten core
To shatter my bones
Made of fragile icicles

She erupted with
Explosive volcanoes
A flurry of ash covered hands
Dirtied my crystalline heart
My childhood melted
Faster than snow

Her soot
Stung my eyes
With gray images
Streaked by the blurred colors
Of a blue and red siren
The screams of bruising skin
Scoured valleys into my ears

Her twisted love is coated
With layers of warm sweetness
It melts on my tongue
Leaving behind a
Hollow aftertaste
Of bitter hatred

My limbs
My bones
My heart
Freeze with fury
At her deceit

Her inflamed wrath
Set my wings ablaze
I bleed ice
From shards
Of broken promises

I've learned
To grow frost
Over open wounds
And shoot frozen shrapnel
At her torrent of accusations

I am a fallen snow angel
By Mother Earth's blizzard of ash
I crash to the ground
To dream soot stained nightmares

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